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"Leonora"-36x48" commission

"Baby Athena"-4x8' on canvas

"Rebirth"-3x4' on stained wood-SOLD

tryptic commission on canvas

tryptic commission on canvas

tryptic commission on canvas

"Baby Rebel"-"36x36" on canvas-SOLD

"OB 1Love"-36x36" on canvas-SOLD

"Leia's Angels"-36x48"on Canvas-SOLD

"Starchild-"36x46" on canvas-SOLD

"Galaxygirl"-36x36" on canvas-SOLD

"Abundance"-3x4ft. Canvas-SOLD

"Stargirl"-30x30" custom portrait commission on canvas

"Instinct"-4x8ft. on 2 canvases-SOLD

"Dream"-30x30" custom portrait commission on canvas

"Heroes"-8x16ft on wood panels

"Starchild-4x8ft. on 2 canvases-commission

"Happy Buddha"-24x36" on canvas-commission

"Zen wolf-"30x40" on canvas

"Fox Prince"-30x30" on canvas-SOLD

"Lovers"-30x40"on Canvas-SOLD

Commission piece-East/West-Spraypaint on Canvas-4x4ft.

Commissioned piece-"Freddie"-Spraypaint on wood-4x8 ft

The Horror Room where Freddie lives

"Baby Stardust"-Spraypaint and colored pencil on canvas-24x36"-SOLD

"Graffrida"-Spraypaint and colored pencil on canvas-18x24"-SOLD

R2 in da club-Spraypaint on canvas-24x36"-SOLD

"Willie-4x4 ft spraypaint on canvas-Commissioned painting

Life Force-24x36"-SOLD

"Ghetto Cinderella"-36x48" painting-part of the ghetto princesses series-SOLD


"Not My War"-24x36"-SOLD

"Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe"-36x48"-SOLD

Swimming with Sharks-24x36"-SOLD

Whose Your Daddy?-22x24"

Pearl Harbor-20x20"



Fallen Angel-24x36"-SOLD

Graffcat Sasser-Spraypaint on canvas

Graffcat Bobcat-Spraypaint on canvas

Most Interesting Man portrait for XX Beer based on the San Antonio Fietsas

Mac Dreezy-22x28"-SOLD

Bomb The Bay-24x72"-SOLD

Moon Age Daydream-22x28"

Haight Ashbury-Spraypaint on canvas-24x24"-SOLD

Te Quiero-Spraypaint on canvas-24x36"-SOLD

Graffrida-Spraypaint on canvas-24x24"-SOLD

Dia de Los Marilyn-Spraypaint on canvas-10x14"-SOLD

Mass Appeal-Spraypaint on canvas-24x40"-SOLD

La Katrina-Spraypaint on canvas-20x30"-SOLD

"LL.Radio"-Spraypaint on canvas-24x36-SOLD

"Evolve"-Spraypaint on 8x12 wood panel-Live Painting for Neon Desert Festival

"Janis"-Spraypaint on canvas-SOLD

Sid and Nancy-Spraypaint on canvas-24x36-SOLD

MC Darth-Spraypaint on canvas-24x36-SOLD

MENamorphosis-Spraypaint on door-SOLD

Madonna-Spraypaint on canvas-24x36-

Amy de los Muertos-Spraypaint and paint pen on canvas-24x36-SOLD

Feliz Dia-Spraypaint on canvas-36x48-SOLD

Freight Train Buddha-3x5ft.-Spraypaint on wood-

"Everything is everything"-Diana Ross-Spraypaint-12"x18"-SOLD

Manifest Destiny-4x6ft-Spraypaint on wood-SOLD

Corazon Puro-6x4ft.-Spraypaint on wood-

Music Mends-3x5ft-Spraypaint on wood-SOLD

Obsession. for women-3x5ft-Spraypaint on wood-DONATED

Dreams-3x4ft.-Spraypaint on wood-SOLD

Los Moros-3x4ft-Spraypaint on wood-SOLD

"Chicken"-3x5ft-Spraypaint on wood-SOLD

Amor Eterno-3x5ft.-Spraypaint on canvas-SOLD

"All of Me"-3x4 ft.-Spraypaint on wood-SOLD

La Vibra Buena-3x4ft-Spraypaint on canvas-SOLD

Staying Pure/Spiritual Alchemy-Quan Yin-8x4ft.-Spraypaint on panel-SOLD

Pee Wee-Spraypaint-4x10ft-for Homeslice Pizza,Austin,TX


Mind Control-Spraypaint-3x3ft-SOLD

"Waster"-Spraypaint on plywood-8x4ft-SOLD

"Como Nuevo!"-Spraypaint-24x36"-SOLD

Howlin Wolf-Spraypaint-16x20-SOLD

Ephraim Owens-Spraypaint-24x18-SOLD

"Cadillac Man"-Spraypaint-16x16-SOLD


Muddy Waters-Spraypaint-16x20-SOLD

Muddy-"Take A Walk With Me"-Spraypaint-16x16-SOLD

Little Richard-"Lucille"-Spraypaint-10x20-SOLD

"I Hear A Symphony"-Spraypaint-24x30-SOLD

Roy-"In Dreams"-Spraypaint-16x20-SOLD


"All Day, Everyday"-Icecube-Spraypaint on canvas-8"x20"-SOLD

"Hail Mary"-Tupac-Spraypaint on canvas-30"x40"-SOLD

"Vandalize It"-Cindi Crawford-Spraypaint on canvas-30"x30"-SOLD

"Know What I'm Sprayin?"-Kate Moss-Spraypaint on canvas-30"x40"-SOLD

"Latin Pride"-Adriana Lima-Spraypaint on canvas-40"x40"-SOLD

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