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La Vida Cotidiana-Spraypaint-SOLD

Lil Kim-Spraypaint-SOLD


Santa Liberadora-Spraypaint-SOLD

Taxi-Spraypaint-Commissioned piece

Back to the Future-Spraypaint-Comissioned piece



Subcomandante Marcos-Spraypaint-SOLD

Sitting Bull-Spraypaint-SOLD



Shame on Ya!-Spraypaint-SOLD



A Sunny Place for Shady People-Spraypaint-SOLD

Stevie Wonder-Acrylic-SOLD

Barry Whitesnake Band Deck-Spraypaint-Commission

Marley "Freedom"-for Batesville Skatepark

Ganesh-Acrylic and paintpen-NFS

Misfits Deck-Spraypaint

Triple Threat Frida-SOLD

Robert Plant-Acrylic-SOLD

"Punta Sal"-SOLD

Rod Stewart-Acrylic-SOLD

En Amor Hasta Muerte Deck-Spraypaint

"Just Married" Deck-Spraypaint-SOLD

Dia de Los Muertos, Can I live? Deck-Spraypaint-SOLD

Piss All Over Series-"Iconoclassic"-Spraypaint

Piss All Over Series-Spraypaint

Varnished Pencil-SOLD

Frida-No Estoy Rota-Acrylic n paint pen-SOLD

Pura Vida-acrylic and paint pen-SOLD

Frida-El Amor y el Desprecio-Acrylic-SOLD

Alfalfa-King of Crooners-Acrylic,spraypaint n paint pen

Kali-Acrylic n paint pen-SOLD

Breakfast at Tiffanys-Commissioned piece-Spraypaint

Acrylic and paint pen-SOLD

Golden Buddha
Acrylic and paint pen-SOLD

Double Fist

Peruvian Indian Board


Rhymin and Schemin Board
Spraypaint on used deck-SOLD

Acrylic and colored pencil-SOLD

"Cabanel's Venus"
Acrylic, sharpie, and colored pencil-SOLD

"Mother Mary"
Acrylic and paint pen-SOLD

"Jode-Beside Myself"-Pencil-SOLD

"Sam Cooke"
Acrylic, paint pen, and colored pencil-NFS

"Gregory Isaacs" -Acrylic and Colored Pencil-NFS

Acrylic and paint pen-Commissioned deck

Acrylic on used Powell deck-Commissioned deck

"Rama and Sita"-SOLD
Acrylic and Paint Pen-Commissioned deck

Bachuraji-Acrylic n Paint Pen-SOLD

Balatripurasundari-Acrylic&paint pen

Acrylic, paint pen and colored pencil-NFS

Acrylic, paint pen and colored pencil on used deck-SOLD

"Action Expresses Priorities-Spraypaint-SOLD

"Lil Weezy-Spraypaint-SOLD

Ridin Dirty
Spraypaint and paint pen on used deck-SOLD

"U Roy"
Spraypaint and paint pen-SOLD

"Heinous"-Acrylic and paint pen-SOLD

"Sweat Love"

Collab with CZ-Spraypaint on wood stain-NFS

"Conqering Lion"-Acrylic, Spraypaint, colored pencil, and sharpie-Commissioned Board

"Freddie McGregor"
Spraypaint and paint pen-SOLD

"Brother's Johnson"

Acrylic and Spraypaint-Niz/CZ collab-SOLD

"CCR Revival"-Acrylic, Spraypaint, andpaint pen-SOLD

"Wassup Haters?"
Spraypaint and paint pen-SOLD

"The Little Prince"

Lil Prince Sunset-Acrylic-NFS

Little Prince Snake-Acrylic-

Afro Samurai-Commissioned Afro Samurai Series

Kuma-Commissioned Afro Samurai Series

Sio-Commissioned Afro Samurai Series

Ninja Ninja-Commissioned Afro Samurai Series

Justice-Commissioned Afro Samurai Series

Complete Commissioned Afro Samurai Series

Bowie-Spraypaint on Deck-for No Comply Skateshop

N.W.A-Spraypaint on Deck-for No Comply Skateshop

R. Prior-Spraypaint on Deck-for No Comply Skateshop

Willie N.-Spraypaint on Deck-for No Comply Skateshop

Clint-Spraypaint on Deck-for No Comply Skateshop

Morrissey-Spraypaint on Deck-for No Comply Skateshop

Tupac-Spraypaint on Deck-for No Comply Skateshop

Biggie-Spraypaint-Spraypaint on Deck-for No Comply Skateshop

Jimi-Spraypaint-Spraypaint on Deck-for No Comply Skateshop

Hello Kitty!-Mustache Skateboards

Hello!-Mustache Skateboards

Pikachu-Mustache Skateboards

Dale Earnhardt-Mustache Skateboards

Devito-Mustache Skateboards

Katie Perry-Mustache Skateboards

Scorpion, Mortal Kombat-Mustache Skateboards

Pac Man-Mustache Skateboards

Subzero-Mortal Kombat-Mustache Skateboards

Eddie Murphy-Mustache Skateboards

MF Doom-Mustache Skateboards

Megan Fox-Mustache Skateboards

Patrick Swayze-R.I.P-Mustache Skateboards

Unabomber-Mustache Skateboards

Carl-Mustache Skateboards

Gizmo-Mustache Skateboards

Slimer-Mustache Skateboards

Muhammad Ali-Mustache Skateboards

Capital Skatepark, TX!

Transformer-Capital Skatepark, TX

Elmito-Capital Skatepark, TX

Tosh-"Stepping Razor"-Capital Skatepark, TX

UGK All Day-Capital Skatepark, TX

Die die-Capital Skatepark, TX

Gonz-Mustache Skateboards

Lambrogini Spider-Mustache Skateboards

Stevie Williams-Mustache Skateboards

Ned Flanders-Mustache Skateboards

Cheech n Chong-Mustache Skateboards

Mario and Luigi-Mustache Skateboards

Biggie- No Comply Skateshop

Bob Marley-No Comply Skateshop

Eddie-No Comply Skateshop

Ice Cube-Mustache Skateboards

Jenna Jameson-Mustache Skateboards

Iron Maiden-Mustache Skateboards

ACDC-Mustache Skateboards

Tom Selleck-Mustache Skateboards

Angelina Jolie-Mustache Skateboards

No Comply or Die KISS

No Comply or Die KISS

No Comply or Die Pirate

Bruce Lee-Immortal

Tupac-No Comply Skateshop

Shortbus-No Comply Skateshop

ODB!-Brown Skateboards

Penelope Cruz-No Comply Skateshop

Willie-No Comply Skateshop

Cindi Crawford-Mustache Skateboards

Creepshow-Mustache Skateboards

Elvira-Mustache Skateboards

Bella Lugosi-Mustache Skateboards

Goodfellas-Mustache Skateboards

Frankenstein-Mustache Skateboards

Bob Marley-No Comply Skateshop

MJ-No Comply Skateshop

Virgen de Guadalupe-No Comply Skateshop

Rick Ross-No Comply Skateshop

Andre 2000-No Comply Skateshop

Tron-No Comply Skateshop

Wassup dawg?!-Mustache Skateboards

Trooper Brodown-Mustache Skateboards

B.Reynolds-Mustache Skateboards

Hannah Montana-Mustache Skateboards

Pay Up Bitches!-Mustache Skateboards

Storm Troopers-Mustache Skateboards

Robocop-Mustache Skateboards

Golden Girls-Mustache Skateboards

T2-Mustache Skateboards

Alf-Mustache Skateboards

Delorean-Mustache Skateboards

Weird Al-I Lost on Jeopardy-Mustache Skateboards

Obama-Mustache Skateboards

Clinty-Good, Bad, Ugly-Mustache Skateboards

MJ-Off the Wall-Mustache Skateboards

Ghandi-Mustache Skateboards

Ghandi-Mustache Skateboards

Ben Franklin-Mustache Skateboards

Beasties-Mustache Skateboards

Marley-Mustache Skateboards

R. Prior-Mustache Skateboards

NWA-Mustache Skateboards

Black Sabbath Grip-Mustache Skateboards

Zeppelin-Mustache Skateboards

Capone-Mustache Skateboards

Dillinger-Mustache Skateboards

Gotti-Mustache Skateboards

The Godfather-No Comply Skateshop

JL-No Comply Skateshop


Bush-No Comply Skateshop

Bowie Grip-No Comply Skateshop

Lil Wayne-No Comply Skateshop

Rambo-No Comply Skateshop

Subcomandante Marcos-No Comply Skateshop

Cookie Monster!-Mustache Skateboards

Diablito-No Comply Skateshop

Lee Scratch-No Comply Skateshop

Rod Stewart-No Comply Skateshop

Bruce Lee-No Comply Skateshop

SG India-No Comply Skateshop

Purple Haze Grip-No Comply Skateshop

Frida Tryptich-SOLD

Frida Tryptich-SOLD

Frida Tryptich-SOLD



Andre 3000-SOLD

Missy Elliot-SOLD

Lauren Hill-SOLD

Foxy Brown-SOLD


Tha Grouch

Tyrone Biggums

Freddie McGregor-SOLD

Lee Scratch Record Cover-SOLD

Lee Scratch Perry-SOLD

K8T-Latersville, USA


Brother's Johnson


U-Roy-Smile For Me

Quan Yin

What's Love

What's Love Got To Do With It

Angela Davis

Is that you John Wayne?-Brooklyn, NY

Biggie, Brooklyn, NY

George Burns, Brooklyn, NY

Subcomandante Marcos-Brooklyn, NY

Sizzla, Brooklyn, NY

Fraggle Rock, Brooklyn, NY

Ben Franklin-Philadelphia, PA

Weird Al-Philadelphia, PA

Rod Stewart-Philadelphia, PA

Mugs-T2,Anna Nicole S, Christian Slater-Philadelphia, PA

Mugs-Capone, Nolte, Dillinger-Philadelphia, PA

Mugshots-Philadelphia, PA

Biggie-Philadelphia, PA

Tupac-Philadelphia, PA

Clint-Philadelphia, PA

Geisha-Asheville, NC

Geisha-Asheville, NC

Tupac-Asheville, NC

Billie Sings-Chiapas, Mejico

Maria Felix, Chiapas, Mejico

Frida, Distrito Federal, Mejico

Minneapolis, MN

Niz n Stef Skills, Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN

San Francisco, CA

Oakland, CA

Oakland, CA.

Beloit, WI

Beloit, WI

Santa Cruz, CA.

" Moment of Clarity"-Spraypaint on wall-48x72"-Castle Hill, Austin, TX

"I Don't Know Whose Weirder"-Spraypaint-Castle Hill, Austin, TX-

"Billie Sings the Blues"-Spraypaint on wall-Castle Hill,Austin, TX

"Billie bomb"-Spraypaint on wall-24x36"-Castle Hill, Austin, TX

"Amy.defaced"-Spraypaint on wall-Castle Hill,Austin, TX

This wall was done for a community center in East Austin called Space 12-4x12ft.

The Brixton, Austin, TX-Spraypaint-4x10ft

The World Is Yours-Austin, TX-Spraypaint-15x20ft


Pammylalala-done for Meeting of Styles in Chicago, ILL

Pammy up close-Spraypaint, Chicago, ILL

Sacred-done for Clogged Caps in San Antonio, TX

Azteca-photo by Skullgame-San Antonio.TX

"Hindsight"-Austin, TX

Chip off the Ol Block-Spraypaint, Austin, TX

MJ-Off the Wall!-Spraypaint-Austin, TX

Erykah Immortal-Spraypaint, Austin, TX

Billie-Spraypaint, Austin, TX

Ms. Keys-Spraypaint-Austin, TX

"Erykah"-Spraypaint on wall-30"x40"-Austin, TX

Nas-Spraypaint-Austin, TX

Tupac-Spraypaint, Austin, TX

"Sam Cooke"-Spraypaint on wall-30"x40"-Austin, TX

Tryptich 1-Spraypaint, Austin, TX

Tryptich 2-Spraypaint-Austin, TX

Tryptich 3-Spraypaint, Austin, TX

Spraypaint on wall- Canovanas, Puerto Rico-8x4ft.

Sparypaint on wall at the Graffitti Hall of Fame, La Perla, Puerto Rico-4x4ft.

Spraypaint on La Respuesta Club, San Juan, Puerto Rico-8x4ft.

Penelope Cruz-Spraypaint-Austin, TX

Kate Moss-Spraypaint, Austin, TX

Cindi Crawford-Spraypaint, Austin, TX

"Guerilla Girl Agape"-Spraypaint, Brooklyn, NY

"Niz triple hit"-, Spraypaint, Brooklyn, NY

"Agape ridin hawwt"-Spraypaint, Brooklyn, NY

"Peanut"-Spraypaint, Brooklyn, NY

"The Divine Trio"-Spraypaint, Brooklyn, NY

"Attitude"-Brooklyn, NY

"Guerilla Girl"-Spraypaint, 5 Points, Queens, NY

Stef Skills ans Niz-5 points, Spraypaint, Queens, NY

Blue Guerilla G-Spraypaint, 5 points, Queens, NY

Wall in process-Austin, TX

Niz Nation-Spraypaint, Austin, TX

Mac Dre-Thizz Nation-Spraypaint, Austin, TX

All designs ŠNizGraphics