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A very bad ass end to the Summer with a trip to Denver for a collab with MC Bukue 1 and a trip to San Diego to skate with friends.


A very atypical job for Austin locals Vulcan Video. If you've never seen the fake commercial Jimmy Kimmel did with Mathew Mcconaughey for Vulcan, check it out for a good laugh:)


This last 2 weeks, I had the opportunity to participate in a few amazing projects in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. The first was the renovation of an abandoned mansion in Isla Mujeres, which will be converted into a bad ass community center-the first of it's kind on the island. Many people are involved in the project, which includes a skate park, par core course and a plethora of workshops and opportunities to help locals gain proficiency in eco tourism and many other skill sets that will allow them to compete with the gentrification which is pushing them off the island. I was happy to be there to kick off the project and see first hand how much work is being put into this amazing place. Huge thanks to local muralist Barbara Saliente and Kristen Tywan for including me in the project:)

The second project was a small mural in Playa del Carmen, facilitated by local artist Senkoe. Shout out to Senk for being such a great host in his city:)

The third project was the remodel of a yoga studio in Tulum at Dos Ceibas Eco Retreat-always a beautiful time ...Many thanks to everyone in Quintana Too for the continued support and love:)


Here are a few highlights from the last few months.

One of a series of murals I did for Homeslice Pizza in North Austin, TX. Pics don't do them justice. Go check em out in person:)

Hand painted Vans for a sneaker show at Austin's new store The Art of Shoes

Live painting for The Royal Bank of Canada at The Parlor Room in Austin, TX

Live painting at Cherry Cola Dog in Austin, TX with Chris Rogers


This Fall I was the featured artist for Austin Texas's Pecan Street Festival.

Here is the poster I designed for the fest:)

Pecan Street Festival


It's been an amazing Summer full of beautiful people, places and collaborations. Starting from my last trip to The Yucatan Peninsula to my travels a month ago to Oaxaca and Cuba...here are some photos of all the fun:)


Cool article by Culture Trip On Texas Street Art10 Artists From Texas You Should Know


A month ago, REI hired local artists Roshi, Federico and I to create an installation based on our inspiration as artists from nature as part of their #OptOutside Campaign. They captured the process in this 360 VIDEO

They also interviewed us on life, art and our inspiration in this video


Last March I participated in the Impossible Walls Project, brought to Austin by Powow Hawaii, Spratx and SXSW. Here is a video of the murals a group of us created in Austin during SXSW. Impossible Walls Video

CLICK HERE to view more pictures


Nifty video taken by Chris Drazah with Spratx of the painting process for a 30ft. wall I painted a week ago in Manor, TX. More to come on the Spratx website. To see video CLICK HERE


This weekend The HOPE Foundation put together an amazing silent auction dinner to raise funds for Austin's new Graffiti Park. A group of local artists, including myself, created walls and art to dress up the evening and help the cause. Some artists were paired with a chef at a high end fine dining restaurant in Austin to create serving trays that pair with the chef's food. I was paired with Chris from Eddie V's, designing a tray top match his delicious seafood appetizers. One of my favorite Local Jazz musician's, Ephraim Owens was in the house as well. The night was a huge success.


Dope weekend in San Antonio painting at The Paintyard for the Contents Under Pressure Jam


Last week end, I headed out to San Antonio for the black and silver graffiti battle hosted by The Paint Yard. Each artist was allowed to pick 3 colors related to the San Antonio Spurs-Black, silver and one of the three fiesta colors. Metallics are always a challenge, but I made it work! Big thanks to Scott with tpy urban for the paint, Bea for signing me up and Soup (Laws crew) for all his help


A couple weeks ago I took a trip to San Diego to visit with friends and get together with the amazing Mario Torero to facilitate a painting session as part of his Art Activism class at San Diego State University. We got together at the renown Chicano Park, to paint Chicano, dia de los muertos and skateboarding themed murals, as the new skate park is being built. I painted a piece of well know skateboarder Jay Adams, who recently passed away.

Afterward, I took a trip with my homies to paint and skate a pool in the middle of nowheresville, CA. This was such a fun trip. Thanks Nikki, CW and Mario Torero for making this such a great trip!


Transforming a space. I recently moved to a new place and took the opportunity to design a room for my daughter. She gave me a color scheme, cloud theme and asked for some of her favorite characters from a book she loves. The paintings are on 4x8ft panels of wood, and can be screwed directly into the wall. At the same time, a client commissioned me to match some paintings to a room she had designed that centers around horror films. The rooms are obviously very different, but I enjoyed both projects and wanted to share pictures of both:


Last week end I got down at Austin's own Castle Hill Graffiti Park along with 50 other artists from all over the world as part of a SXSW event known as Recreate. The event is put together by The H.O.P.E. Campaign .

Over the course of SXSW I had the opportunity to watch other skilled muralists paint and took away from that experience the desire to experiment with mixed medias to compliment my spray paint. For this mural I went big as far as stencils go-10x15ft and I mixed acrylic paint with spray paint.- Thanks to Andi from the H.O.P.E. Campaign and Kelly Zuzu for having me be a part of the event.


This year I had the honor of being invited to build an altar at The Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center in Austin, Texas. Being that I am of Peruvian decent, I am particularly grateful to have been selected amidst a small group of Mexicans and Mexican Americans that are part of the show. My contribution to the exhibit was to add an urban twist to the traditional Mexican Dia de Los Muertos altar. I built the altar alongside my partner Andrew Campos (of Mexican decent), who was responsible for the traditional aspects of the altar, while I put together the "street" elements of the altar. The title of the altar was "La lave del Recuerdo" or "The Key to Rememberance". We made sugar skulls to honor our loved ones passed and I made portraits of both my parents to honor their memories. We included classic Mexican altar elements such as marigolds, food and alcohol offerings, photographs, papel picado, candles and water. It was the first year I have participated in Dia de los Muertos and my first ever installation. I came away from this project inspired to adopt the Dia de Los Muertos tradition in lieu of Halloween and also more open to creating installations in the future. I have a better understanding of the meaning behind the holiday, which has much less to do with materialism and more to do with honoring those passed and keeping culture and tradition alive, which I am 100% behind. Here are a few photos of the November 1st celebration:


Last week end I had the blessing of being invited to participate in an event at Apache Pass, Texas known as Art Outside . It is a 3 day festival put on by an amazing group of people from a local arts organization known as Artseen Alliance

. The event brings conscious minded artists and musicians together for 3 days of stream of consciousness like creating in a remote nature setting. This is time second time I participated and have become aware of and connected with other wonderful like minded artists. Here are a few pics of the live art piece I created for the event. The piece is based on the meeting of 2 souls that recognize each other in a cosmic setting. A big thanks to Warren Mckinney and the whole Art Outside team for having me be a part of the event.


Destruction holds in it the same charge as creation. As hard as it is to watch, the dissolution of public art is part of it's beautiful, temporal nature. Sad that it has to be replaced by condos to accommodate transplants and breeds of people with lack of culture, but that's also implied in the nature of change. It's happening everywhere in cities all over the world, but it particularly plucks at my heart strings in the U.S. because we are lacking in so much rich artistic culture to begin with. These are some pictures of some Dia de Los Muertos inspired pieces I did on the back a tortilla factory in East Austin that was just demolished to make way for condos. In a world that truly valued artistic expression, public art would hold more weight than private gain.


Last weekend, I got together with local artists Roshi K and Lady non-stop to paint the back of New India Restaurant in South Austin. Our goal was to beautify this alley by adding a dope feminine touch. A crew from Murals and Girls joined us to document the whole thing. Saturdays like this are the best. Many thanks to the ladies for making this a dope paint session, to Kobra Paint for sponsoring the project and for Mahesh at New India for letting us rock his wall to spice up the neighborhood.


Kicking off what is to be a series of "Ghetto Princesses" at the perfect place for princesses-Austin, Texas's own Castle Hill


Last Saturday, I was invited to paint 3 large portraits at The Elizabeth Ney Museum in North Austin in honor of the renown German sculptor Elizabet Ney. The portraits were based on photographs I took of some of her sculptures, as well as an archival photograph of Elizabet that was lent to me by the museum. The pieces are now installed on the building adjacent to the museum, available to be enjoyed by the public. Do a drive by!


This weekend I was invited to paint at The Paintyard in San Antonio. A million thanks to Scott and everyone else at The Paintyard for being generous with their space, beats and time. and thanks to young Dreezy for all the dope pics and video


Here are a series of process shots for the mural I just finished on the exterior of Salon Sovay in South Austin. The concept was to create a memorial of Farrah Fawcett getting a blowout hairdo by a bunch of angels in heaven. Thanks to the beautiful owner Sovay for hiring me to paint such a fun project.


Another dope Saturday painting on the tracks in the ATX with Spratx artists Roshi K, Deko and Lady Non Stop. Big up to the Spratx peeps for letting me lace up the tracks. Big up to Roshi K and Scott of RRP Wakelife for the dope shots


Made a trip to miami this year for Art Basel and painted an impromptu piece with Chicago legends Thor and Stef Skills. I got caught in a graffiti beef crossfire and the piece got hacked the next day. R.I.P


Working with The Zella Company to create the ambiance for a black light themed party to celebrate Zoe and Zack Taylor's 13th birthdays at Lakeway Country Club. For this project, I painted 10 queen sized bed sheets with edgy designs that are made to pop under a black light.


A couple cool projects this month. I was hired by the Austin soul band The Greyhounds to come up with artwork for their new album Accumulator. Below is a pic of Trube, one of the talented dudes in this duo, holding the 2 paintings I did for them. I was also honored to be a part of The East Side Studio Tour in Austin's Annual Graffiti Art Show at Hotel Vegas. Thanks to the hosts Nathan Nordstrom and Warren McKinney for having me be a part of such a dynamic event. These guys do a great job at keeping the scene alive. The third pic is my tribute to the great musician Lou Reed. R.I.P.


Working with The Zella Company to come up with t-shirts for Martin Taylor's 44th birthday at The W Hotel. Special guest Lauren Hill.


Great article in the Daily Texan on Austin's public art scene, featuring Federico Archuleta, Nate Nordstrom and myself. Check it: Daily Texan Article


Live painting for a b-boy party at Galaxy Dance Studios to help raise funds to keep them open. Hosted by B-boy Blitz. The dancing was fresh and I picked up some new assistants


Today I am featured in The Austin American Statesman, as part of a series by Nance Flores on Street Art in Austin, Texas. The article is available online at www.statesman.com

If you do not subscribe to the Statesman, you have the one time option of signing on as a guest to read the article. Cheers


Last week I flew out to Los Angeles to paint a 35 foot mural for La Ventana Treatment Center as a tribute to victims of overdose and other drug related deaths. The mural will be unveiled on August 31st for National Overdose Awareness Day. Below is a shot of part of the 21 foot part finished mural. Thank you Heather Edney and La Ventana for the wonderful opportunity. Also included, some pics of a piece I did in Snoop Dogg Lyon's old neighborhood in Long Beach as well as a the beginning of a collaborative piece tbc with my homegirl Nikki in the LBC. I also got a chance to paint on her ramp in Long Beach which was a blast. Thanks to her, CW and the rest of the homies for such a great time in LA. Love:


A couple videos I found of the Grafficanos Show this Summer and of The Balcones Burner Bash event in Fall 2011


I have been adding to the wall across the street from Yellowjacket Social Club. Also, documenting the step by step process of my new series of paintings for the up and coming show in San Francisco. To view flics of the last month and up and coming months in more detail, please click on the icon to the right to visit my instagram :). Thanks Instagram

It's a New Year and so many exciting new things coming up. In the next few months, I am getting ready for a show at World Apparel in San Francisco.

In the meantime, here are a few pics of some recent events I participated in in the Austin area-

part of H.O.P.E Campaigns Supper Club

Making hoodies on demand for Martin Taylor's party at Austin City Music Hall. Thanks to all the people at The Zella Company for having me be a part of such a fun event.

The last couple months have been busy with art shows, preparation for more shows and a couple local murals here in Austin. Several months back I flew out to El Paso to paint for the Neon Desert Festival. That was followed by Grafficanos, an all Latino graffiti influenced showcase at The Mexic-Arte Museum in downtown Austin, where myself, Daniel Anguilu and the Sour Grapes Collective painted the outside of the museum. Check out -Fat Cap's article on the show.

This last week I was in a show at The Continental Club Gallery with Austin's own Federicoand then painted the outside of Sugar Mama's Bakeshop in the ATX with NYC's very own Toofly. Our piece made "piece of the week" in C.O.P. Magazine. Check it. I am on hold with painting at HOPE's outdoor gallery for now. Austin has many gorgeous walls that are waiting to be painted and I officially have the itch so stay tuned.


Filmed a workout video with Workout! with Erika Nix.Thank you ladies! Here are some photographs. video coming soon!


Some recent pictures of the pieces I've been working on for the Hope Campaign wall:


Some footie of The Homeslice Carnival in Austin, TX, where I threw up some stencils aside Austin graffiti champs Sloke, Mez, Rei and Slie.P>


Some flics of the Balcones Burner Bash back in October-Thanks to Sloke and The Balcones Recycling Center for putting on such a great event once again.

Photos(from top right down)by: Richie Getter, Jake Adair, Rick Hernandez and Keith Mann.


The Hope Campaign Wall has been on hold due to an insane amount of taggery... Here are a couple pics of the wall I was working on before the invasion:

read the article below for more info www.austinchronicle.com


Sorry for not updating more often...The past few months have been busy. Today I started what will be a several months long project for Hope Campaign-www.hopecampaign.org

It is called Local to Global and is the first legal "outdoor gallery" in Austin, Texas. There are many artists involved-Obey, Sloke and Rei to name a few. I am not sure what my theme is yet, I guess it will unfold as I work. Below are some pictures of Day 1


A couple of weeks ago, a few of us (Joswayze, Riddlore of Chillin Villain Empire, Detail) went out to Hamilton Pool to paint a schoolbus for the filming of the movie Camp Kickitoo. photos were taken by Mara-her photostream is on flickr


I am working on painting the inside courtyard of the punk rock bar The Brixton on Austin's East Side. So far I did 1 of 3 panels during SXSW. I also painted a fun little party sponsored by Montana Black at The Metropolis Apartments during SXSW alongside Sloke, Mez, Task and some guys from San Antonio. The 8x4 panel I painted sold on the spot!


This weekend, me, Task38,Sloke,Rei and Deko got together to paint the wall of Space 12, an awesome community center, for Austin's Eastside Studio Tour.


Artwork now showing at:

Salon Sovay, 2444 S.1st Street, Austin, TX

Encantada Gallery, 904 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA


Here are a few flics of the new piece I did at The Balcones Burner Bash 2010-Austin, TX


Martha Cooper bought one of my pieces! Here is a link to her site, 12 oz. prophet. Thanks Martha and thanks to the Younity Collective for putting together a great show! www.12ozprophet.com

Work featured in the Huffington Post: The Huffington Post

Clogged Caps-San Antonio, TX Photos

Clogged Caps Pics

Meeting of Styles-Chicago, IL Photos:

Meeting of Styles Pics
11-13-09 Featured Artist-Meeting of Styles- www.bombchicago.com
11-10-09 Nice Local article about September's Hella Broke Show here in Austin: Hella Broke Article
8-10-09 Live painting with Sloke 1 at the Ghostface Killah/Method Man/ Redman Show in Austin, TX

7-18-09 New updates to the East Side Graffiti Wall in Austin, TX-It's gettin there son!

7-16-09 Niz review in Concrete Wave Magazine...page 72: www.concretewavemagazine.com
05-22-09 New interview out in La Famiglia Magazine. Click the link below to read: www.lafamigliazine.com
02-14-09 The past few months I've been working alongside Sloke, Belief, Spain and many others on a permission wall in East Austin. It is an ever evolving wall that stays fresh and exciting.


Click on the link below to view a video on the days we painted at Alphabeta Gallery in New York

Heart and Soul Paint Video
10-21-08 Last week, a bunch of us ladies got together in Greenpoint, Brooklyn to paint at Alphabeta Gallery for the opening and book release of "Heart and Soul", Younity Collective's 60 woman urban arts show. Here are a few flics: For more flics, check out my myspace: www.myspace.com/Nizgraphics

Alphabeta Courtyard

Niz Caddy Stencil

Peanut Represents

Niz, Diva, Lady Pink and Erotica

10-21-08 I also had the blessing of being able to paint at 5 points in Queens later in the week with awesome ladies Stef, Jen One and Sofia

Stef and Niz

Sofia-5 points

Panel of 5 points rooftop

Another Niz and Stef knocker

10-16-08 I have work appearing in 3 books this year. Check them out...

10/14-08 Here's a tight article written by Asia from Girlspeak, and online magazine based out of Chicago. www.youngshicagoauthors.org/Girlspeak/2008
Breaking the Barrier

by Asia Calcagno

Born Eleanor Herasimchuk, the skater-chic artist, Niz, has dominated the underground artist community as her own by creating original skateboard and stencil art. Her ideas and inspiration come from subcultures such as pop, graffiti, hip-hop, reggae, punk, and skater cultures. Extending from just the main branch of paint on canvas, you can find her work anywhere from the street, to clothes, to grip tape. Whispers roar about her art being heavily religious, as well as the famous celebrity faces living through her controversial masterpieces. Influenced by her youth growing up in Lima, Peru, she learned how to appreciate culture at a very young age. Niz, along with her parents and younger brother, moved between Peru and the United states. She remembers traveling and art being a huge part of her childhood. By finding influence in all artists and people who put heart and soul into their passions, Niz rewards herself by transforming her experiences and the people that she meets into works of art. While having an impact on breaking into a male-dominated field, she wishes to have a positive impact on people's everyday lives by living through her pieces. "Whether it's a beautiful thought or a feeling of awe or inspiration." It is a massive issue now-a-days with society holding back women from being successful. Niz admits that she has not been hindered, but it took a little longer for people to warm up to her work. "You have to be that much better at [what you do] because people may scrutinize it more. Being a woman in a male dominated field can be the best and the worst thing." Many may argue that Niz's art is represented as a form of activism since it is public and abstract. "I think that anything creative, when you put it out there and translate it in the public experience, it becomes a form of activism. Like, 'Here it is, this is what I think'. It is a way of exercising your voice." We have got to give Niz her street credit on being a female rebel, bending the rules a bit and taking matters into her own hands. She gives this advice to young women who wish to follow the path that she has taken: "Have fun, and be persistent." You can always check out Niz's work and purchase awesome items on her website. www.nizgraphics.com
07-29-08 Painted decks and stencilled pieces now available at Alphabeta Store/Gallery in New York. The spot is super tight...check it out...


70 Greenpoint Ave

Brooklyn #222, New York


Also worked on a stack of grip for KCDC Skateshop in Williamsburg...

07-1-08 Just arrived to New York after a nice little road trip...here are a few shots...

Skiline Skates, Temple, TX

Isaac Hayes Cadillac, Memphis.TN

Stax Museum of Soul Music, Memphis, TN

Asheville, NC

FDR, Philadelphia, PA

FDR, Philadelphia, PA

06-14-08 Relocating to New York for the rest of the Summer. Until then...thanks to all the awesome people in Austin who have been supporting my art!!!

06-12-08 Been working on a series of shop decks for No Comply Skateshop here in Austin, Texas...here's a couple boards...www.myspace.com/nocomplyatx

6-10-08 Did a series of grip tape for Mustache Skateboards in Round Rock, TX...www.mustacheskateboards.com

6-5-08 Here's a couple pics from The Gangstas on Deck Art SHow at No Comply Skateshop in Austin, TX. For more pics, please visit my myspace...www.myspace.com/Nizgraphics

All prints ´┐ŻNizGraphics