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Mural Installation created for REI as part of their OptOutside campaign alongside Austin artists Roshi K and Federico. My section of the mural was 8x25feet. Each picture is a 6x8ft section

Center section of REI Installation

Last section of REI installation

Collaborative work on abandoned building with Sofia Maldonado in San Juan, Puerto Rico

painting on reclaimed property Casa Taft in San Juan, Puerto Rico

"Yellow Submarine"-Manor, TX

Courtyard mural at Energies Balanced yoga studio in East Austin, TX

Commission for La La Park BNB in Wimberly, TX

Commission for La La Park BNB in Wimberly, TX

Commission for La La Park BNB in Wimberly, TX

mural detail

Commission wall for the 3D Robotics family-10x25ft.

Mural detail

10x30ft wall done at Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar as part of The Impossible Walls Project/SXSW

Wall detail of Ephraim Owens

Wall detail of Laura Mossman-Churchill

Portrait of Peruvian human rights activist Mama Angelica-Rimac, Lima, Peru

"Starchild"-Lima, Peru

"Fire child"-Rimac, Lima, Peru

Collaboration mural with Agana on the side of Range Restaurant in San Francisco's Mission District.

"Wolf Den"-8x30ft commission wall in Manor, TX

36x48" detail of Range mural, San Francisco, CA

"Apocalypto"-detail on 10x20ft detail of wall commission at private residence in Manor, TX

"John Wayne Conquistador"-10x10ft wall detail

10x30ft wall depicting Apocalypto theme in Manor, TX

"Cat Ballou"-11x16ft. wall based on the movie Cat Ballou at private residence in Manor, TX

"Lee Marvin"-8x11ft wall detail

11x16ft wall facing the private residence on horse ranch in Manor, TX

Detail of 10x20ft. mural on the exterior wall of Stay Gold Bar in East Austin. 30x36"

Panoramic view of mural on the exterior wall of Stay Gold Bar, Austin, TX

24x36" detail of Stay Gold mural

Detail of Stay Gold mural-3x5ft.

36x48" detail of Chewie on Stay Gold Bar, Austin, TX

"Love and Fear-6x16ft on wood panel

"Maman Brigette"-detail on the 11x6ft trailer I painted for La Gris Gris creole food

"Black rooster"-detail on La Gris Gris creole food trailer

La Gris Gris creole food trailer at Cboy's Heart and Soul in Austin, TX

Part of my "Ghetto Princesses" stencil series. This one is on the back of New India Cuisine in South Austin, TX-5x3ft

"Hip Hop Jasmine"-New India Cuisine, South Austin, TX-5x3ft.

The first of my "Ghetto Princesses" series. Ghetto Ariel, done at the top of Castle Hill in Austin, TX-5x3ft.

"Dia De Los Spurs"-5.5x5ft.-San Antonio, TX

"R.I.P. Jay Dog"-10x6ft. Chicano Park, San Diego, CA

5x7' mural in Lakeway, TX

"El Mariachi de Tejas"-Austin, TX

"Full of Grace"-Austin, TX

"America" Austin, TX

10x10' mural for Homeslicepizza-Austin, TX

10x20' mural for Salon Sovay-Austin, TX

"Hip Hop"-South Austin collaboration with Too Fly

"Echo"-10x20-San Antonio, TX

Lorde-5x10ft.-East Austin, TX

"Taxi"-6x5ft-East Austin., TX

"Chicana"-24x36"stencil for Mexic-Arte Museum

"Bienvenidos a mi Sueno"-10x15 ft. Mural for Mexic-Arte Museum

"Apollo"-40x54" stencil for Mexic-Arte Museum

Spraypaint on wall-36x48-Austin, TX

Spraypaint on wall-36x48-Austin, TX

La Madonna-Spraypaint,24x36, Austin, TX-

" Moment of Clarity"-Spraypaint on wall-48x72"-Castle Hill, Austin, TX

"I Don't Know Whose Weirder"-Spraypaint-Castle Hill, Austin, TX-

"Billie Sings the Blues"-Spraypaint on wall-Castle Hill,Austin, TX

"Billie bomb"-Spraypaint on wall-24x36"-Castle Hill, Austin, TX

"Amy.defaced"-Spraypaint on wall-Castle Hill,Austin, TX

This wall was done for a community center in East Austin called Space 12-4x12ft.

The Brixton, Austin, TX-Spraypaint-4x10ft

The World Is Yours-Austin, TX-Spraypaint-15x20ft


Pammylalala-done for Meeting of Styles in Chicago, ILL

Pammy up close-Spraypaint, Chicago, ILL

Sacred-done for Clogged Caps in San Antonio, TX

Azteca-photo by Skullgame-San Antonio.TX

"Hindsight"-Austin, TX

Chip off the Ol Block-Spraypaint, Austin, TX

MJ-Off the Wall!-Spraypaint-Austin, TX

Erykah Immortal-Spraypaint, Austin, TX

Billie-Spraypaint, Austin, TX

Ms. Keys-Spraypaint-Austin, TX

"Erykah"-Spraypaint on wall-30"x40"-Austin, TX

Nas-Spraypaint-Austin, TX

Tupac-Spraypaint, Austin, TX

"Sam Cooke"-Spraypaint on wall-30"x40"-Austin, TX

Tryptich 1-Spraypaint, Austin, TX

Tryptich 2-Spraypaint-Austin, TX

Tryptich 3-Spraypaint, Austin, TX

Spraypaint on wall- Canovanas, Puerto Rico-8x4ft.

Sparypaint on wall at the Graffitti Hall of Fame, La Perla, Puerto Rico-4x4ft.

Spraypaint on La Respuesta Club, San Juan, Puerto Rico-8x4ft.

Penelope Cruz-Spraypaint-Austin, TX

Kate Moss-Spraypaint, Austin, TX

Cindi Crawford-Spraypaint, Austin, TX

"Guerilla Girl Agape"-Spraypaint, Brooklyn, NY

"Niz triple hit"-, Spraypaint, Brooklyn, NY

"Agape ridin hawwt"-Spraypaint, Brooklyn, NY

"Peanut"-Spraypaint, Brooklyn, NY

"The Divine Trio"-Spraypaint, Brooklyn, NY

"Attitude"-Brooklyn, NY

"Guerilla Girl"-Spraypaint, 5 Points, Queens, NY

Stef Skills ans Niz-5 points, Spraypaint, Queens, NY

Blue Guerilla G-Spraypaint, 5 points, Queens, NY

Wall in process-Austin, TX

Niz Nation-Spraypaint, Austin, TX

Mac Dre-Thizz Nation-Spraypaint, Austin, TX

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